If your path to parenthood is best achieved by utilizing the services of a gestational surrogate, you will need an attorney to protect your rights as a parent. We can help you through the entire surrogacy process. First, you need a Gestational Surrogacy Agreement which will protect your rights as a parent.

Gestational Agreement & Pre-Birth Order

You will need legal protection through a gestational agreement. We can help you create a gestational agreement that protects your rights as an intended parent. In Texas, gestational agreements are only enforceable if validated by a court. The law firm of Rachel E. Edwards will petition the court to validate your gestational agreement, obtaining the required pre-birth order.

Texas law does not require validation or a pre-birth order to be issued, however if the parents do not have the agreement validated and a pre-birth order of parentage issued, the Gestational Surrogacy Agreement will be held to be unenforceable and the gestational carrier may then seek petition for rights to the child if she chooses.

Months prior to the birth of the child, the Gestational Surrogacy Agreement must be validated by a Texas judge and a pre-birth order of parentage adjudicating the Intended Parents sole legal parentage of the child will be signed.  This is not only for the parents’ benefit but the Gestational Carrier as well.  We can represent intended parents in the filing of a Petition for validation.

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We charge a flat fee of $2,000 to represent Intended Parents in negotiating Gestational Surrogacy Agreements and obtaining pre-birth orders, Final Orders, and final Birth Certificate.